In 2012, This Alabama Teen Was Picked Up By Her Uncle, Who Had Prior Allegations Of Trafficking: He Was Later Found With A Fatal Gunshot Wound, And She Was Never Seen Again

In 2012, Brittney Wood of Mobile, Alabama, was just nineteen years old but had already dealt with some of life’s most challenging obstacles.

At the ripe age of seventeen, she became a mother. And before that, Brittney’s childhood was riddled with family trauma.

She had been abused by her maternal grandmother’s boyfriend, and eleven members of her family were later alleged to be a part of a trafficking ring.

The Wood family’s reputation subsequently plummeted, and Brittney watched as many of her family members ended up abusing substances as a result.

And according to Nicki Patterson, the Mobile County Assistant District Attorney, Brittney later succumbed to the same struggles.

Despite all of this turbulence, though, Brittney herself was known as a bright, loving, and free-spirited person.

She had a very special relationship with her mother, Chessie, and her father, Wally Hanke. And Brittney loved children, especially her very own baby girl.

But, on May 30, 2012, the then nineteen-year-old’s hopes for a more stable life with her daughter were tragically ripped away from her.

Facebook; pictured above is Brittney

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