People Discuss All The Reasons Why They Believe That They Are Difficult To Date

Others Struggle With Accepting Love

“I am not used to being loved. So, when I am, I tend to get clingy since I do not want it to go away.”

“I also extremely overthink. I will constantly doubt myself and cause many issues to the point where I drive my partner away.”


“I genuinely do not understand that I can be loved. It must be pretty awful for my spouse to tell me daily he loves me, and I cannot accept it. All the evidence says that he really does love me. But, for some damn reason, I just cannot process it.”


Being Independent And Career-Focused Can Also Make Dating Difficult

“I am EXTREMELY independent and need the ability to move about in life. For example, I prefer to work jobs that allow me to operate autonomously and travel when I want or need to.”

“I do not NEED anyone. I WANT someone. But, I also realize they want me around more than I want to be tied down in one place. I cannot do office jobs for this reason. I will burn the place to the ground in less than a month.”


“I am too goal-oriented for a female… I have been called intimidating more than once. Apparently, guys like the damsel types more; girls who do not talk about their career goals.”

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