She Made 7 Courses For Her Dinner Party, But One Of Her Friends Showed Up Sick And Wasted A Bunch Of Food, So She Told Her Friend She Ruined The Whole Night

“Jan only took three bites before just pushing the food around– still sighing, hunched, and leaning on her hand,” she explained.

“It was also slightly awkward since we were constantly asking Jan if she was okay, and she was not participating in the conversation and just shrugged if we tried to include her.”

So, before serving the third course, she pulled Jan aside and asked if she wanted any more food.

She explained how she had noticed Jan not eating much and said she did not want to waste food if Jan was not hungry.

Jan insisted she wanted to eat, though, so she served her the third course. But again, Jan took two bites and wasted the rest.

And because Jan was still sighing, rubbing her forehead, and basically just moping around, another friend eventually asked if Jan wanted to lie down. But then, Jan snapped at all of the girls– asking why they were badgering her.

“After that, we all eased back and just continued eating. Overall, the night was not pleasant, and all the other girls reassured me after Jan left– she left first– that the night and food were great. We also arranged a redo to celebrate my husband and me buying and renovating our home,” she said.

Still, the dinner party drama did not end there. About a week later, she ran into Jan, and they got to talking about the gathering.

She also asked Jan if she enjoyed the dinner– to which Jan responded with a cruel remark about how she had “lost her hostess sparkle.”

Then, Jan accused her of going “on and on” about her house and noted how that “drove Jan crazy.”

So, she was understandably pissed off and decided to bring up Jan’s lackluster behavior that evening.

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