She Received A Subpar Unsolicited Picture From A Guy And Hilariously Reviewed It On TikTok

Sometime over the last century, chivalry sadly died. Gone are the days of men pulling out chairs and even laying jackets over puddles for their date to walk over.

Instead, women today are subjected to much more crude male dating behaviors– the worst being known as the unsolicited picture.

If you have ever frequented Tinder or dabbled in Bumble, then you know exactly what picture we are talking about. And one woman named Zoe is absolutely sick of it.

She hilariously shared a story on TikTok about how she recently told a guy she was having a bad day at work. But, his response was far from adequate in more ways than one, if you are catching my drift.

“So I have been talking to this guy (first mistake made there), and it has been like two days. We are just getting to know each other!” Zoe explained.

Then, during a lighthearted conversation on that random Thursday afternoon, the man asked Zoe how her day was going. And she was honest– it sucked.

“I was like, honestly, I am at work, and it has been a really long and hard day,” she responded to the man.

But, instead of replying in a sincere or thoughtful way, the man clearly had his mind in the gutter.

TikTok; pictured above is Zoe in her video

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