She Received A Subpar Unsolicited Picture From A Guy And Hilariously Reviewed It On TikTok

“This guy had nothing but the audacity to reply and say, ‘You know what else is long and hard?’ before proceeding to send a photo of his Gherkin Dilly!” Zoe said.

Not only did the guy send the photo without any warning– which most women have unfortunately had to experience– but Zoe also believes he put in zero effort, earning him even more negative points.

“Size does not matter, and I am not trying to body shame him, but that picture was unwanted, so I am going to give an honest review,” she began.

“You are going to send me a picture of your shrimp and refer to it as ‘long and hard?’ The least you could have done is run it through the Facetune app– use the stretch feature and, I don’t know, photoshop a vein on it. Make it look interesting!!!” Zoe outrageously continued.

And for her, receiving this subpar, uninvited photo on a Thursday at 1:00 p.m. was the last straw.

“Did you think that was going to cheer me up? Because now, my day is worse, and I have to hire a therapist. So, if I didn’t ask, I don’t want to see that! Men, please stop,” Zoe concluded with a quick PSA.

Her all-too-relatable and hysterically delivered TikTok received over 1.8 million views, gained four hundred thousand likes, and prompted nearly seven thousand comments.

“I am dying laughing at this video!!!” commented one user.

“Please definitely tell me you sent him this review,” wrote a second user.

“Hahaha! We have all been there, girl, it is baaaad!!!!” said a third commenter.

If you can relate to Zoe on this, I’m sorry. But, on the bright side, you will definitely find her video extremely entertaining.

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