She’s Wondering If It’s Worth Saving Her Relationship After Her Boyfriend Went On A Bachelor Trip And Another Girl Ended Up Dancing For Him

She carried on with texting her boyfriend, who was nothing but responsive for the remainder of the evening, and he didn’t really share any more information that she found alarming.

The following morning though, he filled her in that he did exactly what she didn’t want him to do; he let a girl dance for him and only him.

“His rationale was that he didn’t pay for it, his friends pressured him after hearing it was the first time and that the smoking + drinking made him give in,” she said.

“He said in the moment he did enjoy it (did not touch her though) but was also thinking about how much he loves me (?). After hearing this, I told him we were done and left to go pick up all my things from his house.”

“Since then, we’ve been talking, and I’ve been going back and forth on whether this is salvageable. The thing is, we’ve been together for almost 4 years (next month was going to be our anniversary) and frequently talked about getting married and even adopting a pet together in the near future.”

Her family really does like him, and his family likes her. They finally were hitting their stride in their lives, and she really believed their relationship was nothing but smooth sailing.

She has been experiencing a tough time in her life, and her boyfriend has been nothing but supportive through 4 consecutive disheartening events.

Her boyfriend was aware before going on the bachelor trip that she had been in such a bad place emotionally that she could not handle one more negative thing happening to her, and yet, he caused her a lot of pain anyway.

Her boyfriend swears that he’s sorry he let this girl at the club dance for him, and he has volunteered to do any single thing she wants him to in order to repair their relationship.

He even said he would be happy to pay for them to go to counseling together.

“I loved him so much, but part of me isn’t sure if I should give in,” she continued. “I always told myself I would never be flexible with things like this but I miss him so much, and part of me wants to try.”

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