This 23-Year-Old Was Last Seen On A Gas Station Camera Before Her Killer Took Her Life And Her Clothes

Twenty-three-year-old Nicole Coleman of Austin, Texas, was known by loved ones for her great sense of humor and endless empathy.

Nicole was born on March 3, 1995, and appreciated life’s simplest pleasures– such as ocean waves, fireflies, and naps.

But, before entering teenhood, she also began to struggle with her mental health. Nicole’s parents cited her pre-teen days as being consumed by a “downward spiral” that made her and her family’s life very challenging.

Then, by the time Nicole finished high school, her mental health showed drastic signs of improvement.

She went on to attend Lone Star College while living in Houston and successfully obtained an Associate of Arts degree.

While pursuing higher education, Nicole maintained a 4.0 GPA and had significant future aspirations. She hoped to become a therapist in order to help others who struggled as she had.

So, after being accepted to the University of Texas (UT), Nicole and her family were ecstatic. After this high, though, her mental health plummeted again.

“It all fell apart. Something switched in your head, and it was like when you were a teenager all over again,” Nicole’s father, Mike Colman, later wrote in a letter addressed to his daughter.

Facebook; pictured above is Nicole

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