In 1997, She Vanished From Her Friend’s Front Porch In Oklahoma, And Investigators Believe Foul Play Was Involved In Her Disappearance

Facebook - pictured above is Jamie

Born on November 21, 1980, Jamie Michelle McChurin grew up in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Then, by the time she was 16-years-old in 1997, she became a mother – welcoming her daughter into the world.

Jamie worked at a local ice cream chain restaurant in her town known as Tastee Freez. She also had never run away from home before.

So, when she disappeared on March 18, 1997 – while her daughter was just 14-months-old – both her family and the community were left puzzled.

That day, Jamie worked a shift at Tastee Freez like normal. Then, once she finished work, she took a taxi to her friend’s house – which was located on the corner of F and Elmira streets.

Apparently, while with her coworkers, she talked about how she’d just cashed her very first paycheck. That’s why Jamie was looking forward to possibly buying her own car in the near future.

After arriving at her friend’s house, she was last seen sitting on the front porch of the residence. She had been with her friend’s mother, who went back inside for a brief moment.

Then, once her friend’s mother returned, Jamie was missing. The only thing her friend’s mom saw was a big, dark-colored, four-door sedan driving around the corner. Since then, Jamie’s loved ones have never seen or heard from her again.

After Jamie was reported missing to the Muskogee Police Department, an investigation was launched, and authorities were unable to ascertain whether the vehicle was involved in her disappearance. The car, as well as its driver, has also never been identified.

In 2002, five cadaver dogs led investigators to a nearby pond located east of Summit and south of Muskogee. But, due to its swamp-like conditions, investigators were unable to find anything. So, in December 2005, the pond was searched again.

Facebook – pictured above is Jamie

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