This Life Coach Shared Her Top 5 Psychology Tips For Being The Most Attractive Person In The Room

Have you ever wondered how to portray yourself as more confident and secure in social settings?

Well, a life coach named Francesca, who has a following of 1.1 million people on TikTok, recently shared her top five psychology hacks for being the most attractive person in a room.

Her first tip involves body language– more specifically, using your hands when you talk.

“Gesturing and using your hands makes you seem more confident and more engaging,” Francesca said.

Although, her second tip might be a bit more controversial. Francesca has advised her followers to keep their hair wet because, apparently, people find wet hair more attractive than dry hair.

“For some reason, we rate people with wet hair as more attractive,” the life coach explained.

Third, instead of rushing to get out your thoughts and subsequently stumbling over your words, Francesca believes that taking your time while speaking significantly boosts perceived attractiveness.

“Take breaks and talk slowly. Rushing will make you come off as insecure while taking your time makes you seem relaxed and confident,” she reflected.

TikTok; pictured above is Francesca in her video

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