A California Man Was Arrested For Dumping A French Bulldog Puppy In A Dumpster And “Leaving It For Dead”

On Thursday, August 18, a Fairfield, California gas station employee contacted the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Bureau regarding a heartbreaking discovery. A puppy had been “left for dead” in the dumpster.

Authorities immediately rushed to the scene and checked the pup’s vitals. They discovered that the dog was a very young French Bulldog. But, at the time, the pup was barely alive and unresponsive.

“The puppy was taken to a local veterinarian’s office and was stabilized. However, its condition had not improved,” the Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services said in a release on Facebook.

“The puppy was then brought to Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Care Division, where it continues to get the medical help it desperately needs.”

And in the meantime, the animal care officers began searching for the perpetrator behind this cruel act.

They checked the gas station surveillance cameras and discovered that after one customer arrived to get gas, they later dropped a tied grocery bag into the dumpster.

“At the time, nothing seemed suspicious. But a few hours later, a second customer was seen throwing items into the dumpster, and something caught their attention,” the release explained.

“This customer then pulled the bag out of the dumpster, ripped it open, and revealed the puppy inside. Then, they alerted the gas station attendant, who called Animal Control.”

Facebook; pictured above is the puppy

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