A Little Boy Jumped Into A Swimming Pool To Save His Mom As She Was Experiencing A Seizure

A horrible tragedy was averted when a 10-year-old boy came to the rescue of his mother earlier this month.

The young hero, Gavin Keeney, was swimming with his mother Lori on a lovely summer day in Kingston, Oklahoma.

In an interview with Good Morning America, the mother-son duo described it as a “wonderful morning,” until Lori had a sudden medical emergency.

Lori is epileptic and prone to seizures. After Gavin had exited the pool, Lori had begun to have a seizure while she was still in the water.

“It scared me more than I’ve ever been scared,” Lori told Good Morning America.

Gavin was standing on the porch of the house when he heard his mother splashing around in the pool. That’s when he looked and saw her “sinking” into the pool.

Like a superhero, Gavin raced into the pool to keep his mother afloat.

Good Morning America writes that Gavin “dove into the pool, carried his mother to the ladder and kept her head above water for more than a minute before his grandfather jumped in to help.”

Facebook; pictured above is Gavin

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