He Was Worried His Parents Were Going To Be Late To His Wedding, So He Had A Fake Invitation Printed Up And Told Them It Started An Hour Earlier

He had one invitation printed with a start time one hour earlier than the actual wedding and gave that one to his parents.

Yet, come the wedding day, his mother was still running late for the wedding– even though she had a fake start time. 

“My mother was beside herself when they left the house and thought they were going to miss the wedding since she was a part of it. She and my mother-in-law would be lighting the candles we use to light the unity candle and stuff,” he said.

But, when his mother and father arrived at the wedding, they noticed all of the other guests were just pulling up, too. So, she was super relieved after coming to the conclusion that the wedding had just started late.

And everyone else knew and just went with it, so the ceremony ended up going beautifully. The reception and wedding pictures were also amazing.

So, there was never really an issue regarding the fake invite until last week, when his parents went over to his house for a big family dinner.

However, since they were always late, he did not bother starting up the grill until they arrived. And when his parents finally showed up and asked why everyone was waiting to eat, he told them he knew they would be late, so everyone decided to wait.

After he said that, though, his mom became angry and claimed she arrived on time for his wedding. She really didn’t, though– she was forty-five minutes past the time on her invitation.

Plus, once she said that, his cousin John and a few other family members snorted and chuckled at the comment. So, after his mother finally asked what everyone was giggling about, he decided to just come clean about the fake invitation.

Ever since then, though, his mother has been extremely pissed off at him.

She is insulted he did not trust her enough to give her the real invite and believes he utterly embarrassed her in front of everyone.

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