Her Friend Forgot Her Birthday, So She Purposely Got Her Friend’s Birthday Trip To Vegas Canceled

deagreez - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has a friend named Mary who is the same age as her, and she’s been close to Mary since they were only 8-years-old.

She and Mary started out as neighbors, but they quickly became best friends. Although she and Mary have drifted apart a bit in their older years, 2 years ago, they reconnected, and now she’s part of Mary’s new friend group.

She does not hang out with Mary’s friends if Mary isn’t there too, and she’s fine with the fact that she’s not super tight with these people, though she does seem them about one time a week or so.

“I will say this; birthdays are a big deal with us,” she explained. “Especially with Mary. One time when we were teens, I forgot a certain date (not a birthday, an anniversary), and she would not speak to me for a while she was so upset. Remember this for later.”

“Parties are always thrown, and in the past, they even went to Vegas to celebrate. Next year we are going to Vegas to celebrate Mary’s birthday, and that was planned 8 months ahead. We are supposed to be buying out tickets in October.”

“Birthday parties are really not optional either; everyone’s got to go! We also do gifts and the usual stuff.”

Everyone in their friend group spends quite some time talking about the plans for their birthday well before their birthday rolls around.

Unfortunately, she’s kind of been excluded from this, and her friend group has never previously brought up her birthday before.

Since she’s not the type of individual to go ahead and plan a birthday party for herself, she figured that she would be by herself on her birthday this year, as her boyfriend needed to be out of town for something.

deagreez – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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