Her Mom And Aunt Destroyed Her Room Decor And Threw It All In The Trash, So She’s Left Feeling Devastated Because She Spent Her Own Money On Everything

Natalia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This sixteen-year-old girl got grounded for the entire summer after she screamed at her mother and aunt. And it all started with a family visit.

Her aunt is from Latin America and, at the beginning of the summer, visited her home. And even though her aunt did have enough money to stay in a hotel room, her mother insisted that she give up her room for her aunt.

“It was no problem. I have the second biggest room, and it has a private bathroom. I am grown up enough to understand that my mom wants to visit with her sister– so I slept in the basement,” she recalled.

Plus, the basement had a very comfortable couch and her father’s gaming system all set up. So, she really was not upset about the temporary arrangement.

However, that was until one day later when she needed to get some stuff from her room. Both her mom and aunt were out of the house, so she figured she would just run in and grab whatever she needed.

But, after she walked inside, she was horrified. Every single piece of decor in her room was literally gone. It was as if her posters, pictures, and mementos from concerts had all vanished.

She was understandably shocked and started searching around the room to find where her aunt had put them. Yet, she was again at a loss for words because everything was nowhere to be found.

Finally, she did eventually find all of her stuff– but it was actually in the garbage can on the curb.

“A lot of it was ripped to shreds. She didn’t take out the tacks or anything. She just tore it off the walls and destroyed it. I also found some concert t-shirts– also destroyed,” she explained.

Natalia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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