Her Sister Said She Needed To Wear A Wig And Lose Weight To Attend Their Wedding, So Now She’s Just Not Going At All

shchus - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-two-year-old woman was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer last year. So, due to her chemotherapy treatments, she lost her hair.

“I have also gained weight because I haven’t been as active as I usually am. I struggle with fatigue after treatment,” she explained.

“So, I have short hair, a few extra pounds, and I also don’t work right now. I am on disability benefits.”

And while all of this is entirely understandable, her post-cancer appearance recently prompted her sister to make some outrageous remarks and demands.

For context, she and her twenty-eight-year-old sister have not been close for a long time. And now, her sister is getting married to someone she has only heard of and never even met.

“The one time she said anything about him, she said she had contracted chlamydia from him. This was when they first started dating one year ago, so I did not get a very positive impression of him at all,” she said. Yikes.

Anyway, now that her sister’s wedding is coming up, her sister actually picked up the phone to call her for the first time all year.

But, it was not to check in on her or even just catch up. Instead, her sister demanded that she wear a wig to the wedding, lose weight, and not tell any of the guests what she does for a living so that way she did not “steal the spotlight” at the event.

She was utterly shocked that her sister could have the nerve and immediately hung up the phone. Then, the next day, she decided to text her sister to share how she would no longer be attending the ceremony.

shchus – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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