He’s Hoping To Raise The Money To Pay For His Dog’s ACL Surgery So They Can Return To Helping Reactive Dogs In Need

Michael McGrath, the owner of MJObediance in Bourne, MA, has a superstar pup named Blue, who has helped many reactive dogs in Cape Cod. 

This fantastic dog has assisted thousands of other companions in coping and achieving a happy, healthy life and is now in need of some help.

Over the past few months, Blue has been limping. Of course, this left Michael concerned. He immediately took him to the vet, where Blue was initially diagnosed with an arthritic knee with low fluid. The vets recommended hydrotherapy to help his leg.

However, this did not help him fully recover.

On July 13th, Blue was having a great time playing around with a tennis ball until Michael noticed he was only utilizing three legs instead of all four.

Since then, Blue has been unstable when standing and has no use of his rear right leg.

Blue is on complete bed rest and only uses all four legs to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, he has to be carried outside. The poor, injured pup will not be able to walk on all four legs again until he receives surgery on his ACL.

Unfortunately, during this time, Michael’s small business, MJObediance, is experiencing a lull, which is expected during this season.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Blue

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