His Girlfriend Is The Worst At Kissing But He Doesn’t Want To Say That To Her And Shatter Her Confidence

DavidPrado - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old guy is in a relationship with his girlfriend, who is 21, and they have been with one another for the last 5 months.

He really does adore his girlfriend, and he has fun when they get together, but he has one major issue with her.

Apparently, his girlfriend is the worst at kissing, and it’s really bothering him.

“And not just terrible as in it’s a little wet or her tongue is a little aggressive – I mean terrible as in she opens and shuts her mouth, leaves her lips as close to her teeth as she can and randomly licks teeth, etc. during kissing,” he explained.

“In no way do I want to hurt her; as I said, we are very happy together and have had a really beautiful time, we met about 3 months prior to the relationship, and it has been very romantic.”

“I’m her first real commitment in a very long time, as she has been hurt before. The reason why talking about it isn’t an option is that this person hurt her. They made it very clear that she is a terrible kisser, which is just one of the many cruel things they said that took her confidence down to a minimum level.”

It never worried him that she wasn’t great at kissing when they began dating, as he was convinced that she would improve the further they got into their relationship.

That’s just not the case, though; although it’s been about half a year of them being together, his girlfriend hasn’t gotten better at kissing at all.

“I want to let her know since as much as I love her, kissing isn’t enjoyable at the moment,” he said.

DavidPrado – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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