In 2015, She Finished Her First Day Of Cosmetology School Before Disappearing Under Strange Circumstances

Deanne Marie Hastings of Spokane, Washington, was a loving mother of three who, in 2015, was about to embark on some of life’s greatest adventures.

She had just gotten engaged to her fiancé, Mike, and was in the process of planning their wedding. Plus, Deanne enrolled in cosmetology school in hopes of launching a career in the field.

Tragically, though, right after Deanne completed her first day of cosmetology school on November 3, 2015, everything changed.

According to Mike, Deanne shared that her first day had gone great. After her classes ended, she also saw her seventeen-year-old son, Hayden, and his girlfriend. Then, at about 12:00 a.m., Deanne went to a grocery store known as Latah Trading Company.

It was later revealed by authorities that while at the store, she had purchased energy drinks, birthday candles, string cheese, vodka, and cigarettes.

And just afterward, a Spokane salon owner called 911 to report Deanne. Apparently, she had entered the shop acting disoriented– calling the owner “mommy” and claiming that she had been drugged and kidnapped.

But, just a few minutes later, yet another call was received by authorities. That time, two women reported seeing Deanne and offering her a ride home as well as their cell phones to call a family member.

However, once police officers arrived on the scene, Deanne reportedly reiterated that she had been drugged and kidnapped. But she refused assistance and apparently walked away.

Facebook; pictured above is Deanne

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