She Got Her Nephew A Gift For His Birthday Instead Of Giving Money To His Parents, Like They Had Asked, And Her Sister-In-Law Freaked Out

prostooleh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

In this thirty-three-year-old woman’s family, she and her husband are known for getting the best birthday gifts for their nieces and nephews. The kids range in age from one to thirteen, and she knows that the kids’ parents struggle a bit more financially.

“So, we have historically always asked what their child would like and go out of our way to get them something special. I am not talking big ticket items like an iPad, but like, [we spend] one hundred and fifty dollars to two hundred dollars per gift each year,” she explained.

Well, her sister-in-law Hannah and brother-in-law Dave recently announced that they would be hosting a big party for her nephew’s first birthday.

For context, Hannah and Dave both work full-time, own their home, and are “firmly middle class.” They apparently go on a few vacations each year and also only have one child.

Anyway, she decided to text Hannah and ask what her nephew, William, would like for his birthday that they did not already have at their house. But Hannah never responded to her message.

Instead, she received an email later that day that Hannah apparently sent to both sides of the family and all the other guests who were planning to attend the first birthday party.

“Hi, friends and family. We look forward to having you at William’s first birthday. Some of you are asking what you can buy for him. What he really needs is a new deck to play on in our backyard,” Hannah’s email began.

“Therefore, we ask that everyone donate funds toward that goal rather than physical gifts. The deck will cost a total of ten thousand dollars, and we anticipate that thirty-five of you will be attending,” they continued.

“Please give as you’re able. William will be so excited by this addition to his outdoor space. Love, Hannah, Dave, and William.”

prostooleh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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