She Told Her Little Sister The Real Reason Why She Moved Out Of Their House As Soon As She Turned 18, But Her Sister Didn’t Believe Her

Rudchyks - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl’s parents got divorced back when she was 10. Her dad treated her mom terribly, and he forced her to do the chores around the house, as well as all of the tough parenting.

Her dad always was there to be the “fun” one and was constantly making her mom out to be the bad guy, which she fully bought into.

Her dad really did turn her against her mom, and she had a deep-seated hatred for her mom because of the things her dad said.

At this point in her life, she can see how her dad manipulated her to be on his side, but she carries around a lot of guilt about it still.

So, back when her parents split up, her mom’s boss just so happened to be a friend of her dad’s. As soon as her mom and dad’s marriage was over, her mom lost her job one day later.

She suspects that her dad was able to get her mom fired from her job, and everything only got worse from there.

“He made more money than she did, his name was on the house, he knew she didn’t have the resources to dispute him in court for very long, so he drew the process out for as long as possible until my mom ended up homeless and living in her car,” she explained.

“She lost custody of all three of us and had to move to another state to stay with her sister because she couldn’t find work here without an address. He cut her off from us, and we didn’t talk for years.”

“As soon as my mom was gone, my dad began treating me the way he had treated her. It was a total switch from the man I’d grown up with, all of a sudden; it was like he hated me.”

Rudchyks – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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