She Told Her Parents That They Would Be Kicked Out Of Her Baby Shower If They Brought Her Sister Along

georgerudy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-four-year-old woman and her older sister, Tessa, have never really been that close. In fact, she believes that Tessa has always hated her– and Tessa kind of proved that after never being there for her during their childhood.

“I got bullied, and Tessa ignored it, stayed silent about it, and spent time with my bullies– one of which was her best friend’s younger sister. I lost someone I cared about, and Tessa would lie to our parents and say she had comforted me when she hadn’t,” she recalled.

“When Tessa was going through anything, she would snap at me and turn me away if I wanted to help. The best times were when she ignored my existence.”

So, by the time she was twelve and Tessa was seventeen, she could not live with their horrible sister relationship anymore. And once they were left alone for a few hours one day, she decided to take the opportunity to extend an olive branch.

She asked Tessa what she had done wrong over the years and if there was any way she could fix it. But, what her sister responded was not what she had expected.

Apparently, Tessa claimed to have never wanted a sibling. In fact, Tessa said her one wish was for their parents to take her back since she “was a mistake.”

“It crushed my twelve-year-old to hear those words, even if part of me knew it,” she said.

But, her parents had no clue just how much Tessa hated her until she was sixteen and Tessa had just gotten married.

It all began when her parents were confused about why she was not invited to the wedding, and she told them to just let it go.

georgerudy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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