She Told Her Sister There Was Nothing In The World That Would Ever Make Her A Bridesmaid

pha88 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

For the first ten years of this twenty-four-year-old woman’s life, she and her younger sister had a great relationship.

Her sister is only one year younger than her, so throughout elementary school, they were super close.

“She was a friend and not just my sister, and I would have done anything to protect and defend her,” she recalled.

Then, at some point, something began to change. They both got busier, but around that time, her parents also started to seriously crack down on her.

She was constantly told she was leaving her sister out and that she needed to learn how to be nice. Plus, her parents were always accusing her of saying and doing things she had not done– which totally confused her.

But, after she got home from a friend’s house one night and walked downstairs, she started to realize what had been going on.

“I heard my sister saying I had told her we could play together, but I had ditched her for my friend instead and never even told her,” she explained.

“Then, the next morning, my dad told me he remembered me promising my sister to play and how I never followed through.”

And even though she tried to explain what truly happened to her father, he never heard her out and just shut her down.

pha88 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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