She Wants To Postpone Her Wedding So She Is Not Pregnant During The Ceremony, But Her Fiancé Wants To Have A Child As Soon As Possible

“I don’t know how I will feel– back pain, nausea, not being able to fit in the dress– and he seemed to understand that,” she explained.

Nonetheless, her husband ended up revealing that he did not want to be forty-two years old with a four-year-old child.

This prompted her to suggest they postpone the wedding until 2024 and have the baby first. But, he did not like that compromise since they had already told their close family about the wedding date, and there is no guarantee that having a baby would happen immediately.

In turn, she is now totally puzzled about what to do. She understands that her fiancé is getting older and wants to have kids as soon as possible. But, she is not sure if not wanting to be pregnant on her wedding day is valid or really selfish.

Do you think they both have valid points? How would you reconcile this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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