She Was Not Allowed To Sit With Her Husband And His Family At Her Brother-In-Law’s Wedding, So She Left And It Caused A Massive Argument

“I was completely baffled at this, and I politely told my mother-in-law I’d like to sit with my family and my husband,” she said.

But, get this– her husband actually had the nerve to step in and say there was no available seat for her, his wife. And when she asked her husband why he did not just save a seat for her, he said there was nothing he could do.

Then, her husband tried urging her to go sit at a random “formal guest” table, but she understandably refused. This prompted an argument, and then his mom butted in again.

Apparently, her mother-in-law claimed she was making an “unnecessary scene” and complaining for “no good reason.” At that point, though, she was completely over the entire wedding.

So, she picked up her coat and turned around to leave. Nonetheless, her husband was seemingly not done arguing. In fact, he actually followed her out and kept telling her to stop acting immature and to go back inside.

She continued to refuse, though, and ultimately went home by herself. And once her husband arrived later that evening, she was in for an even bigger argument.

He claimed that his entire family was utterly embarrassed by her behavior and that she caused a massive scene at his brother’s wedding for no reason.

“But I said I was not going to sit by and be excluded like that,” she vented.

Nonetheless, her husband claimed that everyone was a guest at his brother’s wedding and that she should have respected that.

On top of that, she also learned how her mother-in-law and sister-in-law made comments about her being oversensitive and having attachment issues since she could not sit away from her husband for thirty minutes.

In turn, she and her husband continued fighting back and forth until, finally, they just stopped talking to each other altogether.

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