These Two Sisters Disappeared In 1987 After Going To The Oklahoma State Fair, And They Were Found Murdered One Month Later But Their Killer Is Still Out There

In 1987, sisters Cheryl Gezner and Lisa Pennington of Oklahoma were known for their bright smiles and love of fashion. They would never leave the house without looking perfect, according to their mother, Charlette Pennington.

“It didn’t matter if they were going anywhere or not. It was just a part of their routine. They would get up, shower, and do their makeup. Every day,” she said.

“Both were flamboyant. They enjoyed music and enjoyed life,” added Alan Pennington, their brother.

But, at just twenty-five and sixteen, Cheryl and Lisa’s lives were stolen from them.

On September 23, 1987, the sisters attended the Oklahoma State Fair to enjoy rides, games, and food. Tragically, though, they would never be seen again.

Instead, what exactly happened after Cheryl and Lisa left the fair remains a puzzling mystery.

All their family knew was that they did not return home that night. Then, days stretched into weeks until one month later, Cheryl and Lisa’s remains were discovered buried in a shallow grave quite a distance from Oklahoma City.

“I think the bodies were found where the turnpike is now. It was considered far north of Oklahoma City; there was nothing out there,” recalled Dorian Quillen, a private investigator who worked the case.

Facebook; pictured above are Lisa and Cheryl

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