This Dad Footed This Bill For His Daughter’s Wedding But, Since She Canceled It And He Lost All The Down Payments, He No Longer Wants To Pay For Anything Else

Apparently, wedding planning had become too stressful for her, so she and her fiancé decided to just have a courthouse wedding.

Moreover, they wanted to take the remaining five thousand dollars from him and his wife to fund an extra long honeymoon, where she planned to travel to multiple destinations over two to three months.

He was understandably taken aback, though, and told his daughter hell no.

“I told her we would not be contributing money to that,” he said.

“I explained that by canceling the wedding, we have lost out on thousands of dollars and gotten nothing out of it due to non-refundable deposits.”

His daughter freaked out about this, though, and later accused him of playing favoritism with her older siblings.

She also believes he is punishing her for wanting to do something different marriage-wise.

“But I told her that the situations are not the same and that giving her thousands of dollars for her to bum around Europe and Asia for a few months was never something I agreed to,” he explained.

“I understand wedding planning is stressful, and if they want a courthouse wedding, that is their choice. But, it also wasn’t their money that was lost by canceling the wedding; it was ours.”

Regardless, though, his wife strongly disagrees with him.

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