Her Family Is Pressuring Her To Cough Up $10,000 For Her Brother’s Cat To Get Surgery, But She Doesn’t Want To, Since She Needs This Money For Her Master’s Program

New Africa - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual cat

A 21-year-old girl currently lives at home with her mom and dad, and not too long ago, her 23-year-old brother, his wife, and their 2 cats were left with no choice but to move back in with all of them.

Her brother and his wife could no longer afford their apartment after their rent shot up, and so that’s how they wound up moving back into the family home.

She was actually happy that her brother moved back home, as she really did miss seeing him so frequently. Additionally, she really does like his 2 cats.

The problem with her brother living under the same roof as all of them, though, comes down to the puppy her mom and dad just got.

The puppy really doesn’t eat a lot, so her mom and dad have taken to leaving her food out, so she is able to eat all day.

Her brother’s 3-year-old cat named Fluffy has begun eating the puppy’s food nonstop.

“It feels like we have to keep watch over him more so the puppy,” she explained. “Fluffy, however, has had a bit of a bad health life and has developed urine crystals when stressed.”

“Recently, he had developed some and was rushed to an emergency vet and had to be hospitalized for 3 days. My brother and SIL did not have the 3k for this visit, so my mother footed the bill. Everything went well, and the vet put fluffy on a special diet and said no more outside food… Yeah, that hasn’t stopped him from going into the puppy’s food.”

Half a year after Fluffy had to go to the vet to the tune of $3,000, he started to seem like he had urine crystals again.

New Africa – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual cat

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