She Talked About The Things In Her Wedding She Was Not Willing To Compromise On, And She Admitted That Most Of Them Would Definitely Make People Upset

One of our favorite TikTok trends is when people make lists of rules or things that have to happen at their future weddings.

One TikTok user’s list had some pretty interesting rules. Some of them are things that we’ve never seen on one of these lists before!

Kara Hansen (@karaaaashley) has received over 22,000 likes on her wedding list video. Her comments section is filled with people debating over whether or not they’d apply her rules. Check them out and see how you feel about them!

Her first one is a common rule on these lists – no kids.

“No children under sixteen,” explains Kara. “A wedding is not the place for them. There is too much loud music, they don’t eat the food, they don’t drink alcohol, and they don’t party.”

Kara also points out that most parents who bring their kids to a wedding usually have to leave early to put them to bed. Where’s the fun in that?

However, some commenters have stated that they disagree with the ‘no kids’ situation.

For example, one woman commented, “I had no children at my wedding, and it is one of the biggest regrets of my life.”

TikTok; pictured above is Kara in her video

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