All He’s Ever Dreamed Of Is Providing For His Family, But Now He Feels He’s Being Punished For It Because His Wife Just Left Him Over How Much He Works And How Little Time He Spends With Their Family

But, pretty much every evening when he comes home from work, he spends time with their children and makes an effort to eat dinner with them and his wife.

Right now, the world cup is going on, and he missed dinner a couple of times recently in order to catch up in the cup with some of his friends, which has infuriated his wife.

“I explained I’m really tired and stressed from all the work, and I need to do something to relax,” he said.

“She then started saying do my children not make me happy. Accusing me of not loving them. She hurt my feelings. The last time I came home from the football, I found all my stuff outside my house. And I was locked out. She told me to leave and not come back, and we are finished. She has told all our friends about this, and they all think I’m the bad guy.”

“All I ever wanted was to provide for my family, and I feel like I’m being punished. I have worked so hard, and this is how I’m treated. I’m the lowest I’ve ever been now. I just want my wife and kids back, but she says it’s too late.”

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