He’s An Elementary School Teacher, And He’s Explaining Why Men Don’t Exactly Want To Go Into This Profession

Have you ever noticed that most of your child’s elementary school teachers are female? What is the reason for that?

Well, TikTok elementary school teacher @mr.trayvon is breaking down the reasons why he believes the profession is lacking in male school teachers.

“Y’all know why not a lot of men are teaching in elementary schools?” he asked. “I’ll tell you why.”

Known as Mr. Trayvon, even on TikTok, he explains how he is one of the few male school teachers in elementary education.

The video is a description of the main justifications that he has found supporting this argument, being in the industry himself.

“So, I started working at this school with kindergartners,” he said. “Today, one kindergartner went on the monkey bars, and she wanted me to help her.”

This may sound normal at first. What could the problem be? She’s a small child who needs the help of her teacher. But, as Trayvon clarifies, the gender of that teacher matters, especially in this situation.

“She expected me to hold onto her as she went across the monkeybars,” Trayvon said. “I just wouldn’t do it.”

TikTok; pictured above is Mr. Trayvon in his video

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