She Hates Spending Christmas With Her Extended Family, So She Lied About Having Plans With Her Boyfriend And Is Planning To Go On A Secret Beach Vacation By Herself, But Now She Feels Guilty For Leaving Her Dad 

So, in anticipation of Christmas this year, she decided that she could not suffer through one more fake family get-together. In turn, she actually ended up lying about having plans to spend the holiday with her “boyfriend’s” family.

And instead of trudging through another uncomfortable Christmas dinner, she will be going on a solo vacation centered around self-care and zero drama.

“I am going to sit on the beach with approximately three bottles of wine and enough shellfish to kill a man,” she joked.

Ever since telling the lie, though, one family member’s response has particularly upset her: her father’s. Apparently, he is really distraught that she will be missing Christmas and wants her to spend the holiday with him.

So, even though she cannot physically bring herself to deal with yet another dreadful family Christmas, she has been feeling seriously guilty about abandoning her father.

And now, with just a few weeks until the holiday, she has been left wondering if refusing to attend the Christmas celebration in order to lay alone on the beach is a good personal decision or if it makes her a total jerk to her dad.

If you had extended relatives like hers, would you want to attend the annual family Christmas celebration either? Do you think people are entitled to do what is best for them rather than feeling obligated to attend gatherings during the holidays? Might it be a good idea to invite her father along on the trip if they are close? If you were in her shoes, how would you navigate this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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