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She Served Her Side Of The Family And Her Husband’s Side Of The Family Two Different Kinds Of Cake At Their Wedding, And Now Her Husband’s Family Keeps Badmouthing Them

So, she and her husband gave those select people pieces of the tiered cake in boxes to take home and eat afterward…

…Except for the pastor, who was apparently flown in and did not get to eat the rest of their catering since he is vegan.

Then, for the rest of the guests, they bought a few sheet cakes in two different flavors. The first was vanilla with buttercream frosting and rosettes.

The second was a pineapple chocolate chunk cake that they specifically got for Josh’s side of the family since they spend a lot of time in Florida.

“We thought it would make them feel special. Like a signature cocktail but in cake form,” she said.

Plus, she claims that she and Josh thought that having two different cake flavors would present a nice opportunity for their two families to mingle and switch flavors if they wanted.

They apparently believed that would be a good ice-breaker since their two sides of the family did not know each other well.

Now weeks after the wedding, though, she found out through some family that there were a ton of full slices of cake left behind on peoples’ plates– specifically, the pineapple chocolate chunk cake.

The servers reportedly did not take any of the extra cake home with them, either, so the desserts are in the background of a bunch of the wedding photos.

She and Josh were simply busy having a lot of fun at the time, though, and never noticed Josh’s family did not like the cake as they had hoped until they heard about some pretty unkind gossiping that was going on behind their backs.

She even received a text from Josh’s uncle that was not supposed to go to them, which really stung.

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