She Told Her Fiancé’s Parents That His Sister Didn’t Belong In The Bridal Party, And They Freaked Out On Her

Anyway, her fiancé is now not super close with his family because of all that. But recently, after she and he picked out their wedding party members, they were hit with some serious family drama.

Apparently, back when they first picked their bridesmaids and groomsmen, her fiancé made it clear that he did not want his sister in the wedding.

She totally respected that decision, given their history, and, to be blunt, she did not care about having his sister involved since they were not close, either.

Well, it appears that her fiancé’s sister was waiting on a bridesmaid invite from the moment she and her fiancé got engaged– an invitation that obviously never came.

So, she personally received a phone call from both her fiancé’s sister and her fiancé’s parents asking why his sister was not asked to be a bridesmaid. And she was forced to be honest.

She simply told everyone that she had not planned to ask her fiancé’s sister since the bridal party was just her two closest friends.

But, her future in-laws claimed that her fiancé’s sister is family and that it is supposedly “important” to her fiancé.

“So, I told them she was not close to me, and they were asking me to include her in my bridal party– where she does not belong,” she recalled.

Well, her fiancé’s parents clearly did not take the honesty well– because they ended up calling her a total jerk and claiming that she should be making more of an effort.

Then, her fiancé’s parents even tried to say that no one belonged in her bridal party more than her fiancé’s sister.

And they said that if she thinks otherwise, then she is a bully who is inconsiderate of everything that her fiancé’s sister has been through.

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