This Family Says The Live-In Nurse That They Hired Always Left The House To Go On Walks, But It Turns Out She Was Stalking A Guy

You can find some pretty interesting stories on social media. Whether it be heartwarming stories of sweethearts getting engaged or gender reveals of couples that have struggled with miscarriages in the past. There are also some very interesting stories about dates gone wrong, horrible fires, and stalkings.

A mother and daughter duo on TikTok shared a story about a live-in nurse they had that had an odd habit of walking on the highway outside their home.

“One thing about us is after my dad (husband) died, my mother was very ill, and I had to hire a live-in. So we hired a woman named Bridgette,” they shared.

Sounds pretty normal, right? Needing help with your mother after the loss of your husband is completely normal.

The stress of losing your spouse and taking care of a sick parent can be a lot. You wouldn’t want the added drama from someone you hired to help you, but that’s not the case here. Bridgette came with a lot of drama and strange behavior.

“Every single night, Bridgette would go on walks. In the rain, in the snow, it didn’t matter. She wore my dead husband’s jacket,” they continued.

“And we thought it was really weird because we lived on a highway. And who goes walking at night down a highway?”

This is pretty strange. Why walk down the highway with all the dangers that come with unpredictable weather, drivers, and so many other factors that cause highway-related accidents all over the country?

TikTok; pictured above is this mother and daughter duo sharing their story

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