Feeling Crafty? Check Out These 3 Christmas Decorations On TikTok That You Can Make Yourself!

TikTok - @diyholic and @faithhopehome

It’s finally December! If you’re not adorning your home with Christmas decorations right now, then what are you doing?

Celebrate the season with these three DIY Christmas decorations using supplies you can find right at home. They’ll add just the perfect touch of holiday spirit to your halls.

The first craft idea from TikToker @diyholic involves ornaments, all-purpose glue, white paint, a paintbrush, a cube of wood, and a longer rectangular piece of wood.

After piecing everything together, you should end up with an ornament Christmas tree. You can pick up some ornaments from the dollar store or just use ones you already have.

To create the base of the tree, cover one side of the rectangular piece of wood with a coat of glue. Then, place it on top of the wooden cube, making sure it’s centered. Thoroughly apply white paint to the blocks of wood with a paintbrush.

Once it’s dry, take any color of ornaments you desire and glue them in a row on top of the rectangular wood slab.

Continue stacking rows of ornaments on top of each other, with one less ornament in each row to create a triangular shape.

By the end, you should have a single bulb at the very top, resembling the point of a Christmas tree.


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? Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

For the next craft courtesy of TikToker @faithhopehome, you’ll need three different colors/patterns of ribbon and a string of lights.

First, cut the ribbon into pieces that are five inches long, then cut them in half lengthwise. Take each piece of ribbon and tie them onto the strand of lights, with four pieces in between each light.

You can add more or less ribbon depending on your preferences. And that’s it! It’s a super simple way to sprinkle some festiveness in the air.


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Finally, the last craft from TikToker @craftylumberjacks is a DIY snow globe. It’s like Christmas in a jar! Pour some Epsom salt into a glass jar and put in a small string of lights as well. To hide the battery pack of the lights, tape it onto the inside of the jar’s lid.

Position a postcard inside the jar to act as the backdrop. You can use any type of scenery you want, such as the view of a snow-covered New York or Santa with his elves surrounded by presents.

The postcard also helps hide the lights’ cord. Then, add some accessories to complete the setting, like small plastic Christmas trees or reindeer.


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? Long Talk – Chris Alan Lee

Which DIY craft will you be trying out this month?

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