He Says That When He Went To Renew His Lease, The Rent On His Apartment Went Up $420 More Per Month

As if adulting couldn’t get any more difficult these days, the increase in rent costs all over the country has been hitting people especially hard.

One TikTok creator recently made a video about his experience with the raise in rent prices, documenting how the rent on his apartment went up to an additional $420 per month.

According to statistics from, the national median rent price raised to $1,827. That’s a whopping 17% increase from last year.

TikTok user @goldenflacko4 explains in his video that he has lived in Dallas, Texas, for over 3 years and has lived in the same one-bedroom apartment. His monthly rent for the apartment was $1,295.

He had to renew his lease, and with that process came a letter informing him that his rent would go up to $1,715.

“This is ridiculous,” @goldenflacko4 says in his video.

Many TikTok users could relate to the video, especially because many of them are going through the same thing. Some users commented that their rent prices went up over $300.

One TikTok user commented saying that they are ‘baffled’ by the notion that people will pay that much monthly to live in an apartment and suggested renting a house.

TikTok; pictured above is @goldenflacko4 in his video

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