Her “Girl’s Trip” To Vegas Ended Up With Her Having To Third-Wheel In A Couple’s Hotel Room, So She Left Early, And Now Her Friends Are Furious With Her

Instead, they apparently planned to just show up at the hotel and see if there was a spare one they could add to the reservation.

Lo and behold, though, they traveled during the holiday season to Las Vegas– one of the busiest cities.

So, all of the affordable rooms were taken, and she was pissed that her friends had not been honest about the situation.

Kitty, however, continued to claim that it was not a big deal because they still had the two rooms they had originally booked.

Plus, if they paid a little extra money, the hotel would give out day beds– meaning that each couple would take one room, and she and Lydia would bunk with one of the couples.

She never agreed to that kind of arrangement, though, and honestly, she just did not feel very comfortable third-wheeling with Mary and Mary’s boyfriend– who she barely knew.

So, she tried to come up with an alternative solution, such as checking a nearby hotel to see if they had an extra room.

All of the others did not want to be separated, though, so then she suggested a different plan. More specifically, putting the two boys in one room and having the four girls squeeze into one.

“But they shut that down, too, and insisted the couple plan was best,” she said.

And eventually, after mulling over the situation, she was forced to tell her friends that she just was not comfortable. So, she decided to leave and told the rest of the group that she hoped they had fun.

Mary tried to claim that it “really was not a big deal” and also said that Lydia– who traveled alone, too– had no problem with the setup. To be honest, though, she did not care about how Lydia felt.

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