His Teenaged Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Called Him Drunk And Distraught In The Middle Of The Night, So He Allowed Her To Stay Over And Join Them At Breakfast The Next Morning, But He Did Not Give His Son Any Heads Up Beforehand

So, it quickly became clear that his son’s ex was inebriated, and he attempted to calm the girl down. And afterward, his son’s ex reportedly asked if she could stay the rest of the night in his guest bedroom.

Now, he did not want to leave a clearly upset and incapacitated teenage girl with nowhere to spend the night. In turn, he ended up telling his son’s ex that she could, of course, sleepover at their house.

Moreover, he said she could stay for as long as she needed.

However, by the next morning, his son’s ex was clearly in the house. Rather than telling his son about what had happened, though, he and his wife just decided to set a place for the teenage girl at breakfast– giving his son absolutely no warning that she would be joining them.

So, after his son walked into the kitchen and saw his ex sitting there, his son was obviously pretty flabbergasted. In fact, he claims that his son was ready to walk right out before he encouraged his son to stay and eat.

Still, as you can imagine, the breakfast was not all “happy-go-lucky.”

“It was quite awkward, to say the least, though it is evident that they clearly still like each other as I have seen her at our house,” he said.

Regardless of whether that is true or not, his son’s ex still ended up leaving the breakfast a bit early. Apparently, she claimed her parents would get worried if she stayed out any longer and said she should probably head home.

At that point, his son did offer to give his ex a ride. But, she plainly said “no thank you” and reportedly left on the spot.

And immediately afterward, his son was seriously pissed off at him and his wife. Understandably, his first question pertained to why the heck his ex was there at a family breakfast.

Then, even after he explained the situation, his son was still really upset. His son claimed that he and his wife were totally invasive of a space in his son’s life that is still really fragile.

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