His Teenaged Son’s Ex-Girlfriend Called Him Drunk And Distraught In The Middle Of The Night, So He Allowed Her To Stay Over And Join Them At Breakfast The Next Morning, But He Did Not Give His Son Any Heads Up Beforehand

Moreover, he got accused of disrespecting boundaries by not even informing his son that his ex would be staying over.

“[My son] told me that I should have at least warned him that she would be here,” he admitted.

So now, he has been questioning his role in the whole situation and is wondering if allowing his son’s ex to sleep over, encouraging her to stay for breakfast, and not telling his son about any of this beforehand make him a total jerk.

Why do you think his son’s ex’s first instinct was to call him when she was in trouble? If you received a call from a drunk teen with nowhere to go, would you open your house up, too? Even so, should he have told his son that his ex was there and would be joining them for breakfast? Do you think he could have handled this situation better?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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