In 1974, These 3 Teens Vanished After Christmas Shopping At A Mall: Shortly After, Their Families Received A Cryptic Note, And The Girls Have Still Never Been Found

In 1974, Lisa Renee Wilson of Fort Worth, Texas, was just fourteen-years-old. Despite her young age, she had a boyfriend, Terry – and the pair went from childhood friends to fostering a budding romance.

“Renee and I grew up together because her grandma lived across the street from us. For her and me, it progressed to being more than just buddies in the neighborhood,” Terry recalled in a 2018 interview with Dateline.

And their relationship was going so well, in fact, that on the morning of December 23, Terry decided to give Renee a promise ring.

“I went over early that morning. She had spent the night at her grandma’s. She was happy,” he said.

Before Terry could leave Renee’s grandma’s home, though, the fourteen-year-old told him that she wanted to go to the store to buy some jeans. Renee wanted him to go, too.

Terry ended up backing out of the plan, though. Apparently, he had a friend who was in the hospital for an operation, and he had said he would be there for his friend.

“I didn’t really want to renege on that,” he added.

It was at that point that Renee revealed she would be visiting the store with Rachel Trlica, a seventeen-year-old married friend who lived in the neighborhood.

NAMUS; pictured above is Renee

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