She Was Being Set Up With Her Manager’s Son But Then Overheard Her Manager Revealing Some Serious “Icks,” So She Canceled The Date, And Now Her Manager Is Pretty Upset

kay fochtmann - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young twenty-year-old woman just started a new job last month. And for the most part, everything had been going well with her coworkers– who she claims are cool and fun people.

Well, that was until just three days ago when she got stuck in a very awkward situation with her assistant manager, Sherry.

Now, for some context, Sherry is forty-five years old and has a son named Travis, who is nineteen.

And when she first started working at her new office and met Sherry, the topic of relationships inevitably came up.

And in the past, these conversations would have normally been shut down by her since she was in a long-term committed relationship.

This past July, though, that relationship ended. So, when Sherry asked if she was single, she said yes and also revealed that she was thinking of jumping back into the dating pool.

It was at that point that Sherry told her about Travis. More specifically, Sherry claimed that she and Travis were around the same age, would probably get along, and asked if she would be interested in going out with him.

“I told her to let me think about it, and I would get back to her,” she recalled.

Anyway, that conversation occurred about six weeks ago. And about two weeks ago, she decided that going out on a few first dates with some new people would not be the worst thing in the world for her.

kay fochtmann – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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