While Staying At Her Sister’s House, Her Teen Daughter Was Asked To Help Out In A Pinch By Preparing Pizza And Peanut Butter Sandwiches For Dinner, But She Told Her Sister Off For Trying To Use Her Daughter As A “Private Chef” 

Anatoliy Karlyuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This forty-two-year-old woman’s home is currently undergoing some renovations. So, in the meantime, she and her daughter Leah, who is sixteen, have been staying with her twenty-seven-year-old sister Sarah for a few days.

Now, Sarah is also a mom to a three-year-old daughter while pursuing a post-graduate degree and working full-time in a work-from-home position. So, as you can imagine, Sarah’s plate is pretty full.

That means that whenever Sarah has to go to class, the three-year-old normally stays with her grandparents until the classes are over. Then, Sarah picks up the toddler, goes home, and prepares dinner.

Well, that schedule apparently changed after she and her daughter Leah arrived.

It all began one day after she went off to work, and Leah went to high school as usual. Then, by the end of the school day, Leah took the school bus back to Sarah’s house.

At that point, Sarah’s daughter was already being babysat by her grandparents. So, Leah was actually the only one at home and hung out alone for a bit.

A short while later, though, Leah apparently received a text from Sarah– who claimed to be running really late that afternoon. On top of that, Sarah claimed she needed to work on a project all night after getting home.

So, that meant Sarah was unable to make dinner, and Leah was ultimately asked to step up to the plate. According to her, though, Sarah asked a lot of her daughter.

“It was not a heat-up leftovers situation, but a full dinner. Sarah told Leah that she had a pizza base, sauce, etc., and asked her to make the pizza and put it in the oven. Also, to make peanut butter sandwiches for her daughter,” she recalled.

Anatoliy Karlyuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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