She’s Spilling All The Secrets She Learned Wrapping Gifts At Chanel, And It’s Sure To Help You Out When It Comes Time To Wrap Christmas Presents

TikTok - @burcibaci

So you’ve found the perfect gift, and now it’s time to make it look pretty. But perhaps your gift-wrapping skills are below standard. Not to worry!

Once you know how to wrap a gift, that knowledge sticks with you for life. Get ready to arm yourself with the necessary tools to help you tackle last-minute gifts.

You will definitely be the go-to person for gift-wrapping tips, tricks and professional-looking wrapped presents.

A woman who goes by the TikTok handle @burcibaci is spilling what she learned about wrapping presents while working at Chanel during the holiday season.

So grab a pair of scissors, some tape, and your favorite pattern of wrapping paper!

It’s much easier to wrap something that’s square or rectangular-shaped. Boxes are your best friend for a neat wrapping job.

First, stand your boxed item up on the edge of the paper with it still attached to the roll, and turn it over twice until it’s standing upside down on its opposite end. Then, cut the paper.

Make sure the box is in the center of the paper. For the width side, pull the paper over the item until the edge of the paper completely covers it. This should be the perfect length, but it’s always okay to leave it a little longer just to be safe.

Next, fold two ends of the paper over the box until they meet in the middle and secure them together with a piece of clear tape.

At each corner of the box, fold down the bottom flap of paper and tuck it tightly against the outer edge of the item you’re wrapping.

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