Her Best Friend’s Destination Wedding Would Cost Her $8,000 To Attend, So She Told Her Best Friend That Her Wedding Wasn’t Worth The Money

Wedding photography - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old woman has a 34-year-old best friend who got engaged pretty recently. Her best friend has already planned to get married in November of this year.

She was honestly thrilled about her best friend’s engagement and marriage, but then her best friend informed her that she was going to be having a destination wedding.

Obviously, destination weddings can get pretty pricey for people to attend, and she’s no exception to this.

“Once all is said and done with the cost of airfare, hotels, food, transportation, etc. – the trip ends up costing me about $8,000 for myself and my spouse,” she explained.

“The cost of this same trip during other times of the year averages about $3-$4,000; however, my BFF is set on her wedding date and destination.”

“In my mind, it isn’t worth spending that much money, but I had promised her I’d be at her wedding before I knew what she had chosen.”

She finally had no choice but to tell her best friend that her wedding wasn’t worth her spending $8,000 on because that’s just far more money than she can spend.

Her best friend instantly became upset with her and accused her of not valuing their friendship.

Her best friend also accused her of not being supportive of her having the wedding of her dreams and helping her make it all come true.

Wedding photography – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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