Her Videos About WASP Moms On TikTok Are Something That You Definitely Will Get A Kick Out Of

Tyler Olson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

What is it like living with a WASP mom? For some, this isn’t a foreign experience. But for those who aren’t subjected to the pretentious prejudice of the WASP mom, actress, and YouTuber Caitlin Reilly has got you covered.

On TikTok, she goes by @itscaitlinhello and produces videos about WASP moms, mockingly impersonating the behavior and attitudes of these women– something that has skyrocketed her TikTok account to 2.2 million followers.

It’s important to understand the morphological background in order to understand the jokes about WASP moms. According to Collins Dictionary, WASP is an acronym given to people–not just moms–who fall into the category of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

WASP is used to refer to the people in American society whose ancestors came from northern Europe, especially England, and who were formerly considered to have a lot of power and influence,” as defined in the dictionary.

Essentially WASPs are the white rich people who believe that they are better than everyone else and deserve everything.

They often don’t treat people well or equally based on factors like social status: think of all of the connotations of a Karen, but very pretentious.

This is the exact idea that Caitlin gets across in her videos. She even gave this character a WASP-like name: Cheryl.

She has endless videos in this series on her channel. Caitlin mocks things like making phone calls, ordering takeout, attending weddings, getting coffee at Starbucks, and conversing over FaceTime, all through the lens of the WASP mom and the way in which she would behave.

The most notable characteristic that she pushes through her character, Cheryl, is tone of voice. In character, she frequently uses a patronizing snobby voice with an extremely fake laugh.

Tyler Olson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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