He’s Fed Up With His Girlfriend Never Wanting To Spend Money So He Called Her Cheap, And Since Then She Hasn’t Said A Word To Him

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy has a girlfriend who works as a pharmacist, and she makes 6 figures a year. Despite her high salary, he says his girlfriend is literally “the cheapest person” that he knows.

Not too long ago, his girlfriend splurged on a brand-new car, and she was interested in putting bars on the roof so that she could put her skis up top.

She got a quote of $2,000 to install the bars, so she said no to having them installed even though she had really been wanting to do this.

Another example he uses of her being cheap involves a handbag. His girlfriend has been looking at a handbag that is around $600, and she couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on it even though the handbag she currently uses is from her college days and is really beat up.

So, he thought it would be nice to splurge on his girlfriend and purchase that handbag she had been dreaming of.

“I bought it for her for Christmas, and when I gave it to her, she got mad at me for wasting my money,” he explained.

“She did apologize after saying she loves it, but $600 is too much to spend on a bag.”

A third example he offered up includes going out to eat, which is something his girlfriend never, ever wants to do.

He can’t even encourage his girlfriend to come with him to eat out even once every month. His girlfriend just tells him she can make whatever at home and spend less money.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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