In 1983, This U.S. Airman Vanished After Stealing A Motorcycle And Being Threatened With A Court-Martial: His Case Is Now Cold, But He Is Also Considered To Be A Deserter

NAMUS - pictured above is Keith

Keith William Tindale was a straight-A high school student who grew up in Florida. But, in 1980, he decided to join the Air Force.

Keith was first stationed in Wichita, Kansas, before moving to San Antonio, Kansas. Afterward, he was eventually stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier Parish, Louisiana.

While serving in the Air Force, Keith also made sure to keep in touch with his family. He would call his mother in Florida every single week, as well as write to his sister every two weeks.

But, by 1982, the 21-year-old’s life began to change. In May of that year, Keith reportedly stole a motorcycle and left the Barksdale Air Force Base in order to visit family in Florida.

Once he arrived in the Sunshine State, though, authorities ultimately confiscated the motorcycle. Then, they threatened to court-martial Keith for the stolen vehicle.

Shortly afterward, Keith reportedly took out about $900 from his bank account. He also gave away or sold all of his personal effects.

Finally, using the money he made from the sales, the 21-year-old bought another motorcycle from an Airman on his base.

And the following day, June 1, 1983, was the last time Keith was ever seen. He reportedly left the Barksdale Air Force Base in order to go camping with two other friends in the service but was never heard from again.

No sightings of Keith, or evidence of the 21-year-old’s whereabouts, were ever uncovered following his disappearance in 1983.

NAMUS – pictured above is Keith

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