She Refused To Let Her Youngest Daughter Attend Her Eldest Daughter’s Wedding Because Her Youngest Wanted To Show Up In An “Emo Outfit”

Plus, Alex had on a large skull necklace and earrings, “punk rock” boots, and very dark makeup.

“I just don’t get why she would do that. It was inappropriate to dress like that for the event. There is a time and place,” she vented.

So, she told Alex to quickly take the jewelry off. Then, she asked her daughter to hand over the dress. That way, she could fix the slit or at least make it a bit shorter.

Her daughter was not happy, though, and refused to do that. Alex also claimed that the outfit was “fine” and fit within the dress code.

But she completely disagreed with that and told Alex that unless the dress was fixed, then she would be staying at home.

Still, Alex would not budge. So, she ended up leaving home and arrived at the venue really early before the wedding.

Then, once in person, she brought the issue up to her eldest daughter, Ashley, and together, they agreed that it would be best for Alex not to attend the event.

However, she did want to make it clear that right afterward, she texted Alex one more time– telling her daughter that if she changed the outfit, then she would pick Alex up in time for the wedding.

Regardless, Alex reportedly never texted her back. So, her youngest daughter ended up missing the entire wedding.

And while Ashley understood why Alex was not there– and honestly did not want her sister to attend looking “like that” either– her husband has been furious with her ever since.

In fact, he accused her of being a jerk for barring Alex from the wedding. Alex, too, has refused to talk to her since the event.

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