She Walked Out Of Her Half-Sister’s Wedding After Her Father Insulted Her In His Toast, And Now Her Half Sister Is Upset With Her

shunevich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old girl has a half-sister who is 25, and her name is Erica. One weekend ago, Erica ended up getting married, and she was asked to attend the wedding.

To be honest, she really was not interested in going to Erica’s wedding, but she dug her fanciest dress out of her closet, put it on, and got herself there.

Now, she was only a few months old when her dad walked out on her and her mom because he had an affair with his coworker.

Her dad owned up to cheating on her mom, and he also owned up to getting his coworker pregnant (her dad’s coworker is Erica’s mom, by the way).

It was tough on her to grow up with parents who were no longer together, but her dad then really went out of his way to make her childhood miserable.

“Every time I would go to his house (only on weekends, my mom had custody the rest of the week), he would treat me…like he wanted to show me how much he disliked me,” she explained.

“His wife did the same; they never showed me love, like he did with his other kids.”

To this day, she does not speak to her dad, and as for Erica and the rest of her half-siblings, she is in low contact with them; that’s why she was so surprised when Erica invited her to her wedding.

But back to Erica’s wedding, everything was going alright until her dad got up to give a toast in front of all the guests.

shunevich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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