5 Totally Acceptable Reasons To Cut Friends Out Of Your Life And Not Feel Guilty About It 

4. You Are Just Plain Uncomfortable 

Not all personality types blend together seamlessly. Perhaps you met someone through mutual friends or in a group setting before taking a hangout one-on-one. And after a while, you may realize that you just are not comfortable opening up to that person or being around them.

You should never feel bad about that or think that you are doing anything wrong. Comfort is critical for our own sense of peace and mental health, and it is also a crucial part of a true friendship.

So, stop allowing yourself to feel judged or mocked. Likewise, quit feeling obligated to “be polite” and keep a relationship going.

The best thing you can do in these instances is cut the person out of your life. If they require too much mental energy and make you feel like you cannot just “be you,” then they are not worth it.

5. Your Lives Are Just Going In Different Directions

It is completely natural for everyone to find their own path. You and your friends may enter the dating pool, relocate to a new city, try out new careers, or spend time attempting new hobbies.

And a lot of the time, this can be very exciting for a friendship. You may catch up over Facetime about dates gone wrong or take train trips to the city to meet up for lunch and visit their new apartment.

Other times, though, all of these changes can weigh down your friendship. You might notice the drop-off of in-person hangouts first. Then, you realize that your texts are being left on “read” and your phone calls are going unanswered.

This can be a really hurtful reality– especially for friends who have been close for a long time. Unfortunately, though, life just gets in the way sometimes. And that is okay.

I’m not saying you have to cut a friend completely out of your life because they have a busy schedule or are occupied with new responsibilities. At the same time, though, you cannot sit around grieving the loss of your friendship and waiting for them to call you back.

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